IPS AHW- Advanced Home Workout

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IPS and Somalution Body Revolution both agree that fundamental keys to good overall health are:

    • Eating Better
    • Sleeping Better
    • Moving More
    • Managing Stress Better

      This workout program is an example of how you can go beyond simply “Moving More” and become really fit and strong- in the comfort of your own home.

The Fact that you selected this booklet means that you are already moving to some extent, so WELL DONE!

Working out at home, and using bodyweight exercises to do so has many benefits:

    • Saves time- no driving up and down to gym.
    • Saves money- no expensive gym fees & petrol costs.
    • Convenience- train in your own home, at the office, on the beach, in the park or anywhere else you may find yourself. And this at your own convenience- 4am, 4pm or whatever time suits your schedule.


You need a 2x2M space in your home (or anywhere else you choose) to use as your workout area. Keep a sweat towel and water handy. Working out in sport shoes, or “tekkies” is recommended, although many people work out barefoot indoors or on grass. Do NOT work out in socks, as they tend to be a little slippery and may get you hurt.


Monitoring your progress over time is critical to keep you motivated! You can monitor in traditional ways like weighing yourself, or measuring cm’s, but you can also measure yourself in fun, practical ways like:

    • Seeing how many reps of an exercise you can do.
    • Increasing intensity to measure calories burned.


This workout is designed for those with a basic understanding of fitness, and who have worked out or participated in sport in the past. It is also a great add-on to your current sport- running, cycling, cricket, soccer, motocross or skydiving 😊. The reality is that regardless of WHAT sport you participate in, a good overall workout will enhance your performance in the specific sport.

There are four components to the program:

    • The Morning “Fit in 5” activation routine (daily).
    • The Warmup for the main routine.
    • The Advanced Home Workout routine.
    • The Cool Down.

If you struggle with any of the exercises, or need tips to help you get going, you are welcome to email somalution@gmail.com for support.


If you are worried about doing exercise for medical or health reasons, you should consult with your doctor before doing any exercises!

As part of caring for yourself, it is also critical to listen to your body- and to not push yourself beyond the limits of your current state of fitness.

Most importantly- ENJOY THE PROCESS. The fact that you are already doing some form of exercise means that you already appreciate the gift of being able to move our bodies and to be active. Enjoy it while you can!

Morning ‘Fit in 5’

This is a simple, 5-minute activation for your body, and you don’t’ need to do much warming up. You just roll out of bed and do this routine before you hit the shower.

The Fit in 5 routine does the following for you:

    • Stimulates your metabolism to help you start burning more fat right out of bed.
    • Activates your body- gets the joints and muscles moving better for the day.
    • Ignites your mind and creativity for the day.

Jog on the spot: 1 minute.

Keep posture & joints loose. Unwind from the day’s stress, or just get your body moving after getting out of bed.

Jumping Jacks: 30 Seconds

Work on symmetry of body and getting a nice high jump to work the calves.

Dip & Reach: 30 Seconds

Dip, then turn your hips sideways. Reach as far as you can. Reach with both arms if it is more comfortable for you to do so.

High Knees: 30 Seconds

High Knees is a jogging/running motion, and not just stepping! Hold your palms out to help you lift those knees high!

Floor Touches: 30 Seconds
Make sure your knees do most of the work. This is not bending down to touch the floor, rather a dropping down using your legs to get as close to the floor before you bend over to touch it. Get your butt in line, or lower than your knees.
Pushups: 30 Seconds

Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Straighten your arms and legs and lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause, then push yourself back up.

Side Shuffle with Toe Touches: 30 Seconds

Skip or shuffle from side to side, touching your toes on each side as you go. You need to do a little bit of a hop to change your feet position each time. So start with your feet shoulder width apart, step out to the left, touch your toes, skip your left leg back in while skipping your right leg out, and touch your toes on the right.

Burpees: 1 Minute

The Burpee

    • Drop directly down- you do not “fall forward” as with the Modified Burpee.
    • Jump back with both feet to plank.
    • Jump back up to original position.
    • Jump up in the air as high as you can. If this is too much for you, just stand up from your crouched position until you can incorporate the jump.

The Warm-Up

    • The importance of your warmup cannot be overstated! You MUST always do a light warm-up, and in cold weather take a minute or 2 extra.
    • This warm-up sequence should take about 4 minutes.
    • Your warm-up movements are LIGHT- designed to warm you up, so listen to your body and resist moving too vigorously while warming up.
    • The harder you plan to work in your routine, the more time should be taken with the warmup. Nobody likes injuries and your main defense against injuries is a good warmup.
Jog on the spot: 1 Minute
Keep posture & joints loose. Unwind from the day’s stress, or just get your body moving after getting out of bed.
Dip & Back Kick: 30 seconds
Make sure you get a decent dip, keep your back upright, and hands on your hips.
Dip & Reach: 30 Seconds
Dip, then turn your hips sideways. Reach as far as you can. Reach with both arms if it is more comfortable for you to do.
Toe Taps: 6 each side
Reach ONLY as far down as you comfortably can.. you don’t have to touch your toes. Remember this is a warmup exercise.
Toe touches: 6
Go ONLY as far down as you comfortably can.. This is a WARM UP! You may bend your legs and back slightly.
Shoulder Rolls:
Nice big circles with your elbows, leaning forward a bit. Make 10 forward, and 10 backward circles.
Front Kick: 6 each side
Swing your straight leg up as high as comfortable. Keep back as upright as possible. Flex foot back if you’re comfortable doing so.
Hip Openers: 6 per side
Lift, swing, drop, repeat on both sides.

The IPS AHW Routine

The AHW routine follows what is known as Tabata principles. A form of exercise that has been proven to have the following benefits:

    • Shorter routines at high intensities that produce better results than longer routines at lower intensities. Super convenient for those on a time budget.
    • Cardio AND Muscle building benefits.
    • Metabolism stays elevated for longer AFTER the workout, thereby increasing the metabolic benefits like fat burning.


    • You will build and modify the routine at your own discretion. It therefore “grows as you go”.
    • Each session you build should contain SIX exercises.
    • The routine is built around:
      • Doing each exercise for 20 Seconds, either holding (like the plank) or moving (like the Dynamic Bird Dog).
      • Resting for 10 Seconds.
      • Resting for 1 Min between each round of 6 exercises.
      • Repeating each round of six exercises 5 to 7 times to give you a total workout of 17 to 23 Min excluding warmup and cooldown.
    • Your options are limitless:
      • Create upper, lower and core workouts for use on different days.
      • Create one routine to use daily for 4 weeks, then change it.
      • Change the routine up every time you train.
      • Add exercises into your existing routine as you discover them on the internet. You can also mail somalution@gmail.com for ideas.
      • Add exercises using equipment like dumbbells, kettle bells and resistance straps to spice up your workout.
    • The exercises are divided into categories. The categories are just a guideline, as most of the exercises target more than one area of the body. This is one of the benefits of training using your bodyweight only.
    • Pictures are provided for guidance. If you’re not sure how to perform the exercises, you are welcome to contact somalution@gmail.com for assistance.

Full Body Focus

Jumping Jacks

Walking Inchworm
Dip & Punch
Low Plank Climbers
Side Shuffle & Toe Tap

Upper Body Focus


Plank & Rotation
Tricep Dips
Dynamic Bird Dog
Reverse Plank
Plank up & downs

Core Exercises

AB Tucks

Flutter Kicks
Side Elbow Plank
Supine Leg Raises
Hip Thrusts

Lower Body Focus

High Knees

Floor Touches
Tuck Jumps
Supine Side Splits
Pacer Steps

Cool Down

    • The importance of your cool down cannot be overstated!
    • Take your time and listen to your body.
    • Don’t sit down directly after your training- keep moving for 5-10min after any kind of training.
    • In cold weather a warm shower or bath directly after training will be great! Put half a handful of Epsom Salts in your bathwater if your muscles are sore.

Stretch Up.

Interlock fingers and really reach for the roof! Stand on tiptoes if you can.. Really working that stretch through the body.

Stretch Back.

Interlace fingers, lock elbows, and focus on stretching out the shoulders and chest.

Shoulder Stretch.

Grab the elbow and pull to create good stretch in shoulders. Incorporate a slight twist to stretch your back too.

Good Morning hold 10sec.

Hinge from hip only and hold. Back kept straight. Work on straightening your legs as time goes on- but never LOCK those knees.

Stretch & Back Bend 10sec.

Palms facing each other- incorporate a slight back bend- listen to your body!

Calf Stretch 10sec each side.

Try to work the back heel down to the floor as you stretch that calf.

Quad Stretch 10sec each side.

Grab your foot closer to the toes for a bonus shin stretch.

Mountain Pose*

Stand upright with your feet facing forward parallel to each other. Hold your pose for a minute or more, until you feel ready to move into your day

*Mountain Pose:
After your workout & Cool Down, it is important to reflect on what you had just completed. This allows your body to integrate your workout into your muscle memory. One way of doing this is to assume the Mountain Pose, common in Yoga Practice. You hold the pose for a minute or more, until you feel ready to move into your day.

Some tips:

    • The goal is symmetry and balance, left & right, front & back of body. To get your entire body symmetrical and balanced.
    • Balance weight equally on left & right feet, and on ball & heel of each foot. Point chin down so the crown of your head is pointed at the sky. Your palms face forward.
    • Keep checking entire body for tension- your body should be “alert but relaxed”- you’ll get it with practice.
    • Tune in to your body- what’s feeling good, what is tired, what is sore.. Just take the info in without responding.
    • Before ending off, thank yourself for spending time with your body, and thank your Creator for your ability to move!

Next Steps

    • Focus on “finding the work” in each exercise- perfect your form to find the maximum work for your body in each exercise. It helps to have a mirror or partner to help you correct any form mistakes.
    • Find a fitness trainer to help you build a program specifically for your needs and goals.