IPS Go! – A guide to get you moving again

Take back your health again with this easy-to-follow guide to get you from the couch to your first workout, safely and conveniently.

This guide will walk you through a 20-minute full body workout with simple, low impact exercises you can do in the comfort of your home. Included is a warmup and a Cooldown routine to help you work out safely.

Exercises have “Upgrade” variations (more challenging exercises) where appropriate so you can grow as you go.

Ready… Steady… GO!

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You probably have some idea that regular exercise is good for you, otherwise you would not have bought this guide. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step on your new journey! You will never regret having started exercising. Amongst the myriad of benefits of exercise, you can start to look forward to:

  • Better Sleep.
  • Better Stress Management.
  • Weight loss (if that’s your goal).
  • Better self-image & confidence.
  • Less illness / disease.
  • Better energy levels.
  • More zest for life!

With the addition of exercise to your day, you will find your body’s requirements for nutrition will change. You will also need to increase your water intake to support your body. Below is a simple way to immediately support your body better.

Most of us have at least a sense of what foods & drinks are good for us, and what is bad for us:  The simplest way to modify your eating is to use your common sense, and follow the More- Less- Start- Stop principle:

    • MORE of the “good things” – vegetables, more protein, more water, etc.
    • LESS of the “bad things” – sugars, processed foods, fast foods, fizzy drinks, starches, fatty foods.
    • START ONE thing you know is good for you, but that you haven’t been doing- salads, nuts, vitamin supplements.
    • STOP ONE thing that you know is bad for your body.

Supplementing your diet with good quality Vitamin & Mineral supplements is a great way to conveniently optimize your nutrient intake. Contact IPS Health & Wellness on 010 140 6700 or info@ipshealth.co.za for guidance on the correct supplements for your needs.


This workout is designed specifically as a “low impact basic routine” and anyone without specific medical challenges should be able to perform the basic exercises presented in the program. If you are struggling with the form or execution of any exercise, you are welcome to email somalution@gmail.com for some tips & guidance.

  • There are three components to your workout:
  • The Warmup.
  • The Main Routine.
  • The Cool-down or Stretch.

The full program takes about 25 minutes to complete.


You need a 2x2M space in your home to use as your workout area. Keep a sweat towel and water handy. Working out in sport shoes, or “tekkies” is recommended, although many people work out barefoot indoors. Do NOT work out in socks, as they tend to be a little slippery and may get you hurt.


Once you’ve completed the workout a few times, you may want to modify it to keep challenging yourself to better fitness:

  • Repeat the Main workout section- twice, then three times.
  • Include some, or all the suggested Upgrade exercises.
  • Create a “wheel” around one exercise. So instead of walking or jogging on the spot between each exercise in the Main Routine, you repeat one of the exercises: You could, for example, do Step Jacks between each exercise.

Monitoring your progress over time is critical to keep you motivated! You can monitor in traditional ways like weighing yourself, or measuring cm’s, but you can also measure yourself in fun, practical ways like:

  • Fitting into that pair of jeans you can’t wear anymore.
  • Looking good in a golf shirt again.
  • Climbing the stairs at work without pausing to rest.
  • Seeing how many reps of an exercise you can do.
  • Completing your first 5k run.

If you are worried about doing exercise for medical or health reasons, you should consult with your doctor before doing any exercises!

As part of caring for yourself, it is also critical to start learning to listen to your body- and to not push yourself beyond the limits of your current state of fitness. You are rebuilding your relationship with your own body, and this may take some time, so be gentle on yourself.

Making exercise part of your life is less like adding an activity to your already full schedule, and more like making a lifestyle change to improve your quality of life.

Most importantly- ENJOY THE PROCESS. It is a gift to be able to move our bodies and to be active. Enjoy it while you can!

The Warm-Up

Jog on the spot: 1 minute.

Keep posture & joints loose. Unwind from the day’s stress, or just get your body moving after getting out of bed.

Dip & Back Kick: 30sec

Make sure you get a decent dip, keep your back upright, and hands on your hips.

Dip & Reach: 30sec

Dip, then turn your hips sideways. Reach as far as you can. Reach with both arms if it is more comfortable for you to do so.

Toe Taps: 6 each side.

Reach ONLY as far down as you comfortably can.  you don’t have to touch your toes. Remember this is a warmup exercise.

Shoulder Rolls:
10 forward /10 backward

Nice big circles with your elbows, leaning forward a bit.

Toe Touches: 6

Go ONLY as far down as you comfortably can.. This is a WARM UP! You may bend your legs and back slightly.

Front Kick: 6 each side

Swing your straight leg up as high as comfortable. Keep back as upright as possible. Flex foot back if you’re comfortable doing so.

Hip Openers: 6 each side.

Lift, swing, drop, repeat on both sides.

The Main Routine: GO!

  • Follow the suggested reps for each exercise and walk or jog on the spot for 20 counts (seconds) between each exercise.
  • If you’re using a timer: Set it for 30 sec Work, 20 sec walk/jog and 10 sets of exercise.
  • LISTEN to your body, and take it easy on yourself, especially in your first few sessions!
  • As you progress, you can repeat the routine more than once.

Seal Claps: 30
Keep arms at shoulder height and extend back as far as comfortable.

Upgrade to Knee Push-ups.

Marches: 20 sets.
Make sure you step as high as possible to engage abs. Keep the arms working!

Turn this into a High Knee jog on the spot.

Good Mornings: 15
Hinge from hip only, keeping back straight, and shoulders back. Bend knees slightly.

Upgrade to Downward Dog.

Cross Punches: 40 sets.
Punch with focus, these are not just arm movements! Pull fist back to your side each time.

Bounce/hop on toes while doing Cross Punches.

Knee to Elbow: 15 each side.
Twist torso inward & bring leg across middle line of body to maximize “crunch” effect.

Upgrade to Crunch Kicks.

Step Jacks: 15 each side.
Make sure the standing (supporting) leg has a good bend to maximize the work.

Upgrade to Jumping Jacks.

Side Leg Raises: 15 each side.
Keep your body upright and your back straight. Work up to higher lifts as you progress.
Front Leg Raises: 15 each side.
Keep back straight and body upright. Flex your toes back and leave just a slight bend in your knee.
Front Leg Raise & Toe Tap: 10 each side.
If you can’t get to your toes to start with, that’s fine. Work on the form and strive for a nice high kick and reach as far forward as you can.

Floor Touches: 15
Don’t just use your back. Legs must work as much as possible.

Upgrade to Sumo Squats.

Cool Down

  • The importance of your cool down cannot be overstated!
  • Take your time and listen to your body.
  • Don’t sit down directly after your training- keep moving for 5-10min after any kind of training.
  • In cold weather a warm shower or bath directly after training will be great! Put half a handful of Epsom Salts in your bathwater if your muscles are sore.

Stretch Up.

Interlock fingers and really reach for the roof! Stand on tiptoes if you can.. Really working that stretch through the body.

Stretch Back.

Interlace fingers, lock elbows, and focus on stretching out the shoulders and chest.

Shoulder Stretch.

Grab the elbow and pull to create good stretch in shoulders. Incorporate a slight twist to stretch your back too.

Good Morning hold 10sec.

Hinge from hip only and hold. Back kept straight. Work on straightening your legs as time goes on- but never LOCK those knees.

Stretch & Back Bend 10sec.

Palms facing each other- incorporate a slight back bend- listen to your body!

Calf Stretch 10sec each side.

Try to work the back heel down to the floor as you stretch that calf.

Quad Stretch 10sec each side.

Grab your foot closer to the toes for a bonus shin stretch.

Mountain Pose*

Stand upright with your feet facing forward parallel to each other. Hold your pose for a minute or more, until you feel ready to move into your day

*Mountain Pose: After your workout & cool down, it is important to reflect on what you had just completed. This allows your body to integrate your workout into your muscle memory. One way of doing this is to assume the Mountain Pose, common in Yoga Practice.

Some tips:

  • The goal is symmetry and balance, left & right, front & back of body. To get your entire body symmetrical and balanced.
  • Balance weight equally on left & right feet, and on ball & heel of each foot. Point chin down so the crown of your head is pointed at the sky. Your palms face forward.
  • Keep checking entire body for tension- your body should be “alert but relaxed”- you’ll get it with practice ☺
  • Tune in to your body- what’s feeling good, what is tired, what is sore.. Just take the info in without responding.
  • Before ending off, thank yourself for spending time with your body, and thank your Creator for your ability to move!


  • The importance of your cool down cannot be overstated!
  • Take your time and listen to your body.
  • Don’t sit down directly after your training- keep moving for 5-10min after any kind of training.
  • In cold weather a warm shower or bath directly after training will be great! Put half a handful of Epsom Salts in your bathwater if your muscles are sore.

Knee Push-ups.

Keep back straight, shoulders square & lock the hips. You don’t want to flex from the hip while going down for your push-up! Keep your elbows tucked to your side or pointing out.

Sumo Squats.

Feet 45 degrees out, legs almost double shoulder width, work to achieve butt below knees eventually.

Jumping Jacks.

Work on symmetry of body and getting a nice high jump to work the calves.

Downward Dog.

Work ears down to biceps, back straight, belly button works toward ceiling & chest down to ground. Look for that nice triangle shape for your body.


Keep body upright, front knee does NOT extend over toes. Maintain a 90-degree angle with both legs.

Crunch Kicks.

Extend leg fully to get best work, keep feet low (10cm off ground) & pull alternate leg back all the way.

Next Steps

  • Focus on “finding the work” in each exercise- perfect your form to find the maximum work for your body in each exercise. It helps to have a mirror or partner to help you correct any form mistakes.
  • Repeat the Main Workout twice or three times, with 1min rest in-between sets.
  • Increase reps for each exercise- do more of certain exercises or of all the exercises.
  • Start doing the Upgrades suggested for some exercises.
  • Find a fitness trainer to help you build a program specifically for your needs and goals.