About IPS: Health|Wellness

We are a wellness company that produces top quality nutraceutical products. Not only do we offer superior supplement ranges to our clients, we always go beyond our product and proactively promote, as well as give guidance to all our valued clients to ensure that they establish and maintain healthier more wholesome lifestyles.

Our Products

Our health and supplement range, taken directly from nature, is sufficiently backed by science and was developed with the intense focus on quality excellence. Our products are made affordable to you by eliminating the middleman, thus always giving you an unsurpassed product at an affordable price.
We truly believe that your health and your quality of life should not come at a price that will be a burden on your current lifestyle. Our range includes products that will help you achieve your desired weight goal or help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. It is our continuous and conscience mission to always research new sciences to enable us to offer you more superior products now and in the future to come.

Our Team

Professor Roy van Brummelen
Pharmaceutical Professor

All of our products have been formulated by Prof Roy van Brummelen. With close to 20 years’ experience in pharmaceuticals and health products, Prof van Brummelen is admired for his expertise. Exemplary credentials and a commitment to excellence form the cornerstone of his life’s work. He has an impressive academic history with numerous qualifications to his credit, including a degree in pharmacy, an MSc in Chemical Pathology, a PhD in Medical Science and a DTech in Biomedical Technology. He is also Professor Extraordinaire at Tshwane University of Technology, Pharmacy School.

Nick Badenhorst

Nick Badenhorst is the founder and CEO of IPS: Health and Wellness and has a passion for healthy living. Among other outdoor activities, Nick is an avid cycling enthusiast, enjoying both on and off-road cycling competitions. Nick acquired his BEng: Chemical Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch and is also a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa. IPS: Health and Wellness is the brainchild of Nick and through his dedication and interest in the nutraceutical field coupled with his business acumen it has grown to a company that sends out vitamins to thousands of people throughout South Africa every month.