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Exercise with your Child

It is often difficult to plan family outings due to long working hours, school, exams and life in general, so this is a chance to spend quality time with your child and celebrate being a family while getting fit!

It is important that children get 60 minutes of exercise every day, so here are some great ways to exercise as a family:

1. Hiking

Hiking is an excellent cardio workout and an opportunity to introduce your child to the great outdoors. Remember to pack plenty of healthy snacks and fluids for the journey. Hiking is about exercise, adventure and the experience, so pick a trail with interesting features and landmarks to keep it fun and exciting.

2. Ice-skating

Ice-skating helps to improve balance while strengthening leg muscles, and is lots of fun to boot! Skating gives you a chance to bond with the kids as you help them keep their balance on the ice, and will have the whole family feeling like they’ve had a proper workout afterwards.

3. Hula hoop

The hula hoop is an enjoyable activity for both adults and children and it has many health benefits – it assists with co-ordination, flexibility and balance. This exercise takes time and energy to master, which helps the child to improve focus and keeps them motivated. After mastering this exercise, why not hold friendly competitions amongst family members to increase fun and promote self-confidence?

4. Take a walk

Taking a walk together, either before or after the meal is a great way to spend time as a family while keeping you fit. Walking strengthens the heart and helps with circulation, boosting your energy levels, toning muscles and increasing the intake of vitamin D. This leaves you feeling energised, healthy and happy.

These activities are fun for the whole family, so take advantage of this special week and try one or all of these activities. Spend time with the family and pamper yourself – you deserve it!