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Indoor Activities for Winter to Keep You on Your Toes!

That time of the year is approaching again, wintertime – when we prefer to stay inside our warm cosy homes instead of braving the cold. Sometimes, boredom does arise and it’s always good to have a list of great indoor activities that you can refer to and choose from during this time. Whether you are single or married, whether you live alone or with others or whether you have children or not, this list of activities has something for everyone. ­

During the warmer months, we all seem to have a strict exercise regime however as winter arrives and it starts getting colder, we tend to stay home instead of going to the gym, you might say that we tend to get a bit lazier during winter and thus exercise less. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, exercise supports your physical and mental health which in turn can decrease stress levels, improve sleeping patterns as well as help with losing weight. Let’s take a look at a few exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home and still leave you in a sweat!

Yoga is a popular form of exercise; all you need is a yoga mat, some comfy clothes, and a good YouTube video to follow and you are halfway there!

Dancing is another excellent way to get the body moving, whether it is jiving to your favourite song or taking an online contemporary, ballet or hip-hop class. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, dancing can assist with both memory and concentration and it’s an added bonus that you are burning some calories at the same time!

Pilates is another way to get the body moving, even if you don’t have the fancy equipment used in professional studios a simple routine on a mat accompanied by an online instructional video is more than adequate.

Walking up the stairs in your house is another way to get the blood pumping as well as doing squats and lunges which help with strengthening the lower body.

Learning a new skill or hobby is another way to pass the time this winter whilst you are inside. Have you ever listened to a song and thought that you would like to play along or even start your own band? It all starts with trying something new- take that old guitar that’s lying around the house and learn to play a few chords and then a few songs simply using online instructional videos. If you have a piano at home, find out who of your family or friends know how to play and ask them to teach you a few basics to get you going. Music is a wonderful way to express yourself and a great way to create tranquillity and diversion from an otherwise busy and overwhelming work day.

Knitting is another great way to create something new, whether it’s a pair of gloves or a scarf to keep you warm during winter or taking on a project such as knitting blanket squares to create a blanket which can be donated to the homeless to keep them warm during the winter.

Now, being indoors during the colder months of the year can also increase our appetites as we crave delicious stews and soups to keep us warm. Use this opportunity to learn and create new recipes in the kitchen alone, together with family and especially with the kids! There are so many advantages to cooking such as reducing stress levels by creating something delicious so you can unwind after a long day! Cooking allows you to learn and expand your knowledge about new flavours and cuisines and at the same time saves you from spending money on take aways as well as encourages you to eat a more balanced and healthy diet. So, cooking is not a task that should be seen as tiresome, it can be seen as a way to spend time with loved ones and a way to pass on family recipes to your children!

There are specific advantages of cooking with your children as it involves reading recipes, learning new words, following instructions and listening thus allowing them to use their cognitive functions in a very productive manner. After your child has successfully completed the recipe and eaten the fruits of their labour, they will feel like they have accomplished a great task thus increasing their confidence levels.

Puzzles are great fun and can be challenging at the same time, some are solved quickly whilst others take hours or days but there are also many benefits for child development. According to Teach.com, there are three main advantages of puzzles, which include increasing their physical skills by allowing them to piece the puzzle together until they make a perfect fit. Secondly, their cognitive skills are developed further as they learn the art of problem-solving which is the main aim of a puzzle and thirdly their emotional side is used as they gain vital skills such patience and again a sense of accomplishment when they have successfully completed the puzzle. This can be a fun activity to do with kids and most adults find that they enjoy a challenge as well with more difficult puzzles to keep them on their toes!

So, when winter arrives, embrace the season as a chance to try new things, to gain new skills, to do things you don’t usually get to do and to spend quality time with loved ones especially the kids. So, try at least one thing from the list this winter and you never know, you might find you have a hidden talent, or you might enjoy new foods that you prepared yourself, you might get in better shape than you were before, and you might help develop your children in ways you never knew you could!





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