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Make Every Morning a Good Morning

Starting your day on the right note can set the tone for a productive and positive day ahead. By incorporating a few simple habits into your morning routine, you can ensure every morning is a good morning!

  1. Don’t snooze your alarm. Try to get up when your alarm goes off—this might help you feel less groggy in the morning.
  2. Don’t check your phone immediately. Although it is a good idea to plan your day early in the morning, don’t immediately reach for your phone to check your meeting schedule. If possible, try to avoid social media or reading negative news headlines early in the morning.
  3. Drink water first. Although we all want to reach for coffee as soon as possible, try drinking a glass of water instead—this will help rehydrate your body.
  4. Let the light in! While sleeping in a dark room helps with sleep quality, opening your curtains and a window to breathe in the fresh morning air will help you wake up faster.
  5. Have a good, nutritional breakfast.
  6. Stretch! If you aren’t an ‘exercise in the morning’ type of person, opt for a good stretch when you wake up—this will help get your blood flowing.
  7. Wash your face. Sometimes a splash of cool or lukewarm water can help wake you up and leave you feeling refreshed.
  8. Make your bed. It’s simple but effective.