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Spring salad recipe – Watermelon salad

Spring has sprung into action. With the new season, there always comes new hope, and as these blossoms form, we are super excited to see what this new season may hold for us.

Here at IPS, we’d like to soak in all the deliciousness, but also stop the winter weight gain right in its tracks.

Therefore this salad is healthy, nutritious but also delicious. It is a flavour, texture and colour explosion – perfect for a pool party!


  • ½ watermelon
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 1 small bunch of mint leaves
  • 150g feta cheese (crumbled)
  • 100g Walnuts / Pecan-nuts
  • Honey (to taste)



  • Either use a large serving tray or salad bowl.
  • Cut the watermelon into small cubes or balls with a melon baller (you would want this not too big but bite-sized).
  • Assemble on the serving tray/salad bowl.
    Seed and dice the cucumber (you may skip the seeding step, then your salad will just be moister). Add to the watermelon.
  • Gently tear the mint leaves into pieces (this avoids the bruising you may encounter with knife-chopped herbs).
  • Add to the salad.
  • Crumble the feta over the watermelon, cucumber and mint leaves.
  • Chop the walnuts/ pecan-nuts into small, yet defined pieces (not flour consistency but not whole). To a pan, add the honey and nuts to become candied-nuts (roughly 5 – 10 minutes). Remove from heat and add to the salad.
  • Enjoy!